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The AGLIPAY Security, Inc. (ASI) was incorporated last May 24, 2006 by spouses Michael Edgar Yan Aglipay and Ginger Rosales Aglipay as majority owners together with five other incorporators. Both Michael Edgar and Ginger came from a family of military or police fathers and were exposed at a young age to the security business.  Michael Edgar Aglipay is the only son of former Chief PNP Director General Edgar Aglipay and Marinette Yan, only daughter of former AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Manuel Yan, owners of Emirate Security Services Inc.  Michael and Ginger with the blessing of their parents are pursuing their own path of success in the security industry. With the experience they have gained from their parents coupled with their youth and zest for life, both commit themselves to present and future clients of their own company
On January 2011, due to reaching the maximum number of guards allowed per agency of 1,000 guards per agency, a second corporation was incorporated AGLIPAY GUARD SERVICES, INC.   Our clients represent the diverse needs of the premium segment of every category. 
      On May 1, 2013, the third member company was added to the group namely: AGILITY SECURITY GUARD EXPERT, INC. . This company focuses on the Villar group of companies.
     On July 1, 2018, AGLIPAY Premium Security Corporation was incorporated.  This company shall focus on the diverse needs of its premium clients.

Aglipay in action:

Fire truck operation

Certified ISO 9001: 2015 QMS

Lock out strike training

Who we are?

We pride ourselves of being WHAT WE ARE! 
• Rooted from a well-respected family with more than 35 years of experience in the Security Industry - being an affiliate of the AGLIPAY Group of Companies;
• Consistent delivery of premium quality service focused client needs;
• Adherence to the Rule of Law and Corporate Social Responsibility; and
• Focus on our corporate values of Courage and Integrity.

The Aglipay Guard/ Aglipay Security (AG-AS) is a corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and licensed to operate a private security/detective/investigation agency all over the country. Since its inception, ASI has been a member of the Philippine Association of Detective Protective Agencies Operators (PADPAO) and duly registered with the Social Security System, Employers Compensation, Phil-Medicare, with a yearly clearance from the BIR, DOLE, SSS, NBI, PNP, among others

Close Quarter Battle Training

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