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1.Ginger R. Aglipay - Chairman (Majority Owner : Aglipay Guard) 

2.Michael Edgar Aglipay - Vice Chairman/CEO

3.Emmanuel G Carreon CSP- President/ COO 

3. LTC Edwin Malate/ PN (M) (ret)- Over all Operations Head

4. Ariel B Sadol - Chief Financial Officer 

5. Lt Erwin Calicdan (Res), CSP - Head, Admin and Logistics 

6.  Jeffrey B. Valdiviso, CSP, CST- Head, Quality and Marketing

7. Heidi Naman, Billing & Accounting Team Leader

8.  Angelica O Castro - Collection Team Leader

9. Maribel Arienda - Payroll Team Leader

10. Mark Unias, CSP,  - Operations Head - Aglipay Guard Services Expert Inc 

11. Nick Postrado, CSP - Operations Head - Aglipay Security

12. SINSP Davis Franco (Ret) - Operations Head- Agility Security Guard Expert Inc.

13. Avele Rolle, CSP - Operations Head, Aglipay Premium security

14. Gemalyn Fernandez- QMD Associate in charge of Quality and Marketing

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