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Competence – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure that all normal and critical security functions will be delivered effectively. Continuous security seminars/trainings to specialize their individual skills will be given importance.  This will guarantee that all deployed security personnel all in line to CLIENT standard.
Clarity of role – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure successful relationship with CLIENT, we will clearly define the expectations and the role we will play in delivering security. A good security program will be provided including people, technology, facility design, and education. This will clear delineation of roles and responsibilities and set expectations for the posted security personnel.
Care – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure professional image and demeanor of all posted security personnel, we will not compromise the good image of CLIENT. We will convey the importance of our clients  security needs to be clearly articulated, not assumed.  Our good values are continuously represented in the interactions with the CLIENTS locators, personnel and staff.
Capacity – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure all needed security staffing in every post is manned as required. We will not expose the institutions to vulnerabilities due to ineffectiveness to provide quality trained security personnel. We will aggressively manage enough officers to effectively fill all scheduled post commitments and be able to prepare to support special event or extraordinary incident requirements on a predicted and unscheduled basis.
Partnership – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure and establish a strong partnership to CLIENT, we will satisfy and meet all the requirements that will ensure security and safety of CLIENT, and we will not treat CLIENT  as our source of income but rather as our good business associate.
Dependable – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure that we will provide a prompt, thorough, and courteous service. Our clients rely on us and we respond through meticulous record keeping and our commitment to constant improvement. We are constantly researching and investigating methods for making our services more efficient and effective for our clients.
Availability – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure that we will  respond at a moment’s notice to our client’s security needs, in providing consistent professional, quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Commitment - AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure in providing unparalleled expertise and reliability in the services we provide. We consistently strive to serve our clients—and our community—through outstanding dedication and performance. We have built our client relationships by focusing and listening to their needs and providing the best solution for them. Our clients deserve the best, and we are prepared to deliver it.
Integrity – AGLIPAY Security Group will ensure that they will act according to the values, beliefs and principles they hold, such as honesty and truthfulness with courage and integrity.
Confidentiality – AGLIPAY Security​ Group will make sure that all information pertaining to its clients operations, procedures and other matters remain confidential.


we offer:
1. Uniformed Security Guards
2. VIP Personal Individual Protection
3. Security Drivers and Escorts
4. Security Survey and Investigation Services
5. Close Circuit Television installation and surveying
6. Canine and handlers


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